Politicians need to be brave and ambitious. If I am critical of today’s politicians not only do they lack vision but they tend to play safe and do things exponentially. That needs to stop if London is going to grow and be ambitious for the future.

I have always been marginally more in favour of Gatwick expanding and I still believe it needs to, however, like Brexit, the Government will is to expand Heathrow.

No one in their right mind would have put Heathrow where it is given the growth in air travel. A chief difficulty with Heathrow is it links poorly to other “London” airports. We need to look at other solutions to develop Heathrow if the runway does go ahead and that includes looking at Hyperloop transport which could link Heathrow with Gatwick and Stansted in ten minute journey times – about the time it takes to move from the a plane to the terminal building.

A dispersed airport would be better for the growth of the wider south east and is one of those infrastructure projects we should be using to reach out of London to other growth areas.

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