Violent crime is rising too fast and too many Londoners are dying on our streets. It’s time to rethink Policing in London.

The current Mayor’s big idea is to close police stations and centralise, moving resources away from the Boroughs. This is not the way to give confidence to Londoners. The Mayor spends too much time blaming Government for Police funding but when crime is rising he needs to be more radical in what he does. Police numbers are currently much the same as they were under Boris but today, Londoners not only feel less safe but they are right to feel that way.

We need a OneLondon solution where we work together to tackle this issue. 40% of Police blue-light calls are to do with social issues and not crimes – this cannot be a good use of Police resources. More needs to be done to bring together the Police, Councils and health to find a solution to this and not think the Police should deal with this alone. Just think how much more effective policing could be if we reduced blue light calls by just 10%.

Our communities and our boroughs should be the building blocks for London Policing and we should stop the lazy Labour party thinking that centralising services saves money. Even if it did save money (and my experience running a council tells me that sharing services does not save as much as you think) it is not safe or reassuring to the public to move away from locally based policing. Our Council Leaders should have a bigger role to play in policing their Boroughs.

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