Brexit and the Economy

I voted remain. What the Government has been tasked with undertaking is I believe the most divisive and difficult issue to tackle since probably the Great Reform Act or Universal Suffrage. Brexit will happen and therefore we need to get on with making it work for London rather than continue to divide London on this issue. By 2020 and the next Mayoral elections we will be out of the EU and forging our own way as a city.The Mayor should be touring capitals around the world ensuring that we open up relationships with other global cities so we can get the best of trade and financial deals for the future. London needs to carve out its own Brexit settlement and at the moment I see the City Corporation doing more on this than the Mayor’s office.

We are a global city and we should have a global role. The GDP of London is the largest in Europe, twice the size of Scotland and bigger than Saudi Arabia. We need a Mayor that will fight for more inward investment and the future role of a major global economy.

We need to set up a postBrexit commission for London to develop a new London economic strategy to ensure we have a presence in major global capitals.

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