One London was a phrase first used by the late Labour MP, Dame Tessa Jowell, when she ran for the London Mayor against the current Mayor. She identified that London was becoming a divided city and I agree with her. Having said that, we come from different political traditions and my solution to the problems will undoubtedly be different to hers, had she developed them.

A Conservative OneLondon is a global city where the pulsing commercial and cultural heart is built through interconnected and vibrant London boroughs.

As the nation’s capital city London has a responsibility to be a driver for growth and a centre of history, culture, diversity, liberalism, innovation and an economic entrepreneurialism that supports the rest of the UK. These many roles define London differently and are often not understood by the rest of the UK.

I have a vision where every Londoner feels that living in London is not just something they enjoy but is something they are proud of – something that is not true today. Londoners make London thrive and we need to grow our city with the help of Londoners, not working against them.

OneLondon needs to be a place of home ownership but there are many types of homes and living that we need to build for. OneLondon will support responsible entrepreneurship and where the poor are supported through the opportunities the city offers to improve the quality of life of every Londoner.

OneLondon Conservatism will use all the powers it has to to make people safe. Policing needs to integrate closer to other public services to help solve the problems of London

I want a London that is free from the overbearing control of Westminster and that stands proudly as an independent City, using its economic stature to create wealth for the capital and the wider country – OneLondon works to use its skill as a Global city to bring success as a capital city for all the UK.

A Conservative OneLondon must build on settled and historic boroughs in both inner and outer London – those communities are formed by individuals coming together, not by the state. Conservatism should be there to help communities support themselves and their neighbours, rather than politicians believing they have all the answers.

There are three tests for OneLondon Conservatism; are we devolving power to people and communities, are we integrating our city and are we deregulating to set our people and their communities free?

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