If you want a clear sign of how much London has grown just look at our crowded train network. London, as part of its role as a global city, needs to understand what is the best way to develop its future transport network.

Usage on some services has been declining and the rise of hot-desking and remote working means that longer term it is possible that our own services will radically transform with the arrival of self-driving cars and hyperloop trains. London needs to be at the forefront of global innovation on this issue and we need to establish a global transport initiative to tackle city transport. Piecemeal extensions of existing networks are an option but revolutionary thinking may be required as all our current thinking is based on Victorian modes of transport (bikes, trains, buses and cars).

On fares, it is time for reform.

We need to explore a OneLondon solution to the travel zone system and work with Government to transform the future of turn up and go commuter services by fare amalgamations and using “reaching infrastructure out of London” to support growth in the wider south east area.

All this is vital to maintaining not just the quality of air but also the quality of life of Londoners. Infrastructure facilitates house building but homes cannot be built without the infrastructure.

Londoners also need a fair deal in London. If you live in London you should be getting cheaper travel than visitors to the city. I want to explore the Londoner Card as the first global city card giving transport and leisure discounts in London and in time it could also be used for discounts in shops and restaurants.

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